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Mari Tzikas

Mari Tzikas
experienced copywriter specializing in marketing and branding for lifesyle brands

9 years
$100 / hour
Marigold Media
Writer and Editor
Editorial Manager
New York University
University of California, Berkeley
Sephora, Benefit Cosmetics, Glam Media, Kaboodle, BeautySage, Totsy, ROI Command Marketing, Novartis, Snake Stake, Daily Candy, CITY Magazine, Sacramento Magazine, SkinSpirit
Smart & witty


none listed

none listed

Camera3 HI, I'M MARI
At the age of six, I wrote my first children’s book using rub-off transfer letters. It began:
ouns upon a time ther wus a prity horse named nut. it wus a wite horse.
Believe it or not, I am now a professional writer—and much better speller. With a bachelor’s degree from New York University and internships at Women’s Wear Daily, ...
I can be clever, witty and smart. But I can just as easily be clear, concise and straightforward. I have range and enjoy pushing and perfecting it in any direction.
Online Marketing
An email campaign for that I concepted and wrote.

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Online Marketing
Website copy for the email services section of a media firm.

At ROI Command, it’s not about email “blasting.” It’s about building: building
your customers, presence, sales—and ultimately your business. Whether you’re
looking to revive your database of old customers or starting from scratch, we can make your email marketing move successfully (and exponentially!) forward.

Dead database?
Our “ROI CPR” breathes new life into your email lists by rebuilding brand
awareness and reengaging clients. The result: identifying leads that are ready,
willing, and able to buy. Consider it a complete 180 for your database—our goal is to take your email marketing from “flat-lining” to thriving by increasing customer intelligence and helping you closing more sales.

Need leads?
Let us build your perfect email marketing campaign—one that’s targeted to find your hottest prospects. From there, we can define the perfect sequence that helps drive sales and brand awareness.

How email marketing can help your business:
• Improves communication with customers
• Provides you with better customer intelligence
• Gives you valuable customer feedback
• Generates repeat sales

What we offer:
• Campaign setup and management
• A/B split testing
• List management and segmentation
• Can-Spam compliance
• Form integration into your website
• Real-time data and metrics
• Auto-responders

Online Marketing
Brand history about beauty brand Clarisea, written for

A trip to the ocean can almost always clear your head. For Clarisea founder Alison Carton, it also cleared her skin. Having suffered with face and body acne since her teens, Carton spent years consulting dermatologists and trying every topical and oral acne treatment she could get her hands on. But nothing worked—and her breakouts were getting worse.

That’s until she spent a month at the beach after graduating college. Her daily swims in the ocean actually began clearing up her breakouts, thanks largely to the salty sea water. Its antiseptic and soothing properties began washing her acne woes away.

It was so effective, that even after summer ended, she would make long weekly drives to the beach to fill buckets with ocean water, bring them back home and use them to soak her face. Obviously, that wasn’t a long-term solution. But when she realized that dissolving sea salt into water worked just as well, she knew she had discovered something life-changing.

Five years and dozens of sea-salt experiments later, she created the perfect blend of two precious salts that was gentle enough for delicate facial skin, yet strong enough to banish blemishes. Using this signature mix, she launched Clarisea in November of 2009 in New Jersey. Thanks to the ocean’s healing powers, Carton has been riding a wave of skin-clearing success ever since.
Public Relations
Holiday 2012 Press Release


she’s so...jetset!
Touch up before touchdown with our posh & polished makeup kit for eyes, lips and cheeks. Look effortlessly glamorous with our bestselling primer and mascara, plus NEW eyeshadow palette & cheek powders. Tips & tricks show you how to bring out the jetsetter in you!
Print Marketing
An article I wrote on a one-woman design firm

Greetings from East Sac
Kim Farrens of Ruby Dot Designs isn’t trying to push the stationery envelope, she just really wants to bring back the handwritten letter.

Writer John Donne once said, "More than kisses, letters mingle souls." Those are words that Kim Farrens, creator of Ruby Dot Designs, lives by. With a true passion for the written word and knack for design, the East Sacramentan started her stationery company in the spring of 2010 after friends and family encouraged her to turn her hobby into a small business. Today, Ruby Dot Designs’ clean and contemporary aesthetic is making sending mail more fun, with its colorful cruiser bike cards being one of the most popular styles. (The “Keep Calm and Drink Wine” cards are quite the crowd-pleasers, too.)

A true epistolary advocate, Farrens is such a big fan of sending notes, she’s even been known to mail her husband a “hello” note—to their own house. “Pen to paper is permanent,” she says. “It means so much more that you’ve taken the time to put your thoughts down than just sending an email.” Plus, she adds, “It not only makes the person who receives it feel good, it also makes the person who sends it feel good, too.”

Here are even more noteworthy things about Kim Farrens and Ruby Dot Designs.

There’s more behind the Ruby Dot name than you might think.
Yes, Farren’s oldest daughter’s name is Ruby, and her mother was a longtime lover and collector of the gems. But she actually chose the name based on the precious stone’s symbolism. “I discovered that in some cultures, when you give rubies to someone, you give love and friendship to them. I thought that was really great, so I came up with the concept of putting a symbolic ruby on the back of every card,” says Farren. Hence the name Ruby Dot—and the ruby-hued dot you find integrated in the brand’s logo. “When you give a card to someone, they get that ruby, too.” Precious, right?

Custom orders are her specialty.
“Personalization is big right now,” Farrens says. “Everyone wants to see their names on things.” That’s why nearly 90 percent of the orders she receives are custom requests. Of course, simple monograms are always popular, but she also designs personalized cards with signature graphics—like a “flying V” guitar for a music-loving restaurateur, a girly skateboard for an 11-year-old tomboy, and a Chihuahua for a dog lover. Her clients have also ordered custom packs of cards to pass out as bridal shower favors and boxed sets personalized for their kids’ teachers.

She does it all by hand at home.
When she’s busy—which is becoming more often than not—Farrens can clock 40 hours a week in her studio (formerly known as the dining room) designing and assembling orders. She cuts her own cardstock, trims each piece by hand to ensure everything is uniform and flush, and creases every card individually with a boning knife. It’s certainly time-intensive, but she has a process that works. In fact, last holiday season, she produced over 1,800 cards. That’s a feat worth writing home about.