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Katie Ginder-Vogel

Katie Ginder-Vogel
I'll give your brand and products voice and bring them vividly to life.

15 years
10 - 20 hours / week
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Freelance Copywriter
Stanford University
Stanford University
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Camera3 HI, I'M KATIE
I have 15 years of experience writing about software, environmental science, fitness products, fashion, health & wellness, parenting, and education. I have extensive experience with content marketing, social media, marketing communications, product marketing, UX copywriting, and PR.
I look forward to telling the story of your company and products. I'll bring your brand and products to life, giving them a distinct voice that will capture your audience.
Informational brochure for the Mid-Atlantic Regional Association of Coastal Ocean Observers (MARACOOS)

Sales Materials + Marketing

My First Sports
My First Sports is an innovative program for children aged 18 months to nine years old that encourages participation, builds confidence, and piques interest in sports. Based on the philosophy that engaging children in active play is the best way to help them develop a range of life skills, My First Sports utilizes a proprietary, research-based curriculum that has been fine-tuned since its development in 2000.

My First Sports engages children in developmentally appropriate sports and games, using age-appropriate equipment, that allow each child to succeed at his or her own pace, based on his or her developmental stage. Parents and caregivers are included, allowing relationships with families to develop over time and resulting in offerings that truly meet families’ needs.

Child Development
Based on research published by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Alliance for Youth Sports, My First Sports focuses on the holistic development of young children’s motor skills, self-confidence, teamwork and social skills, and overall health and fitness. The focus is broad—on overall skills development and the enjoyment of being active—rather than on creating “stars” in one particular sport.

The latest child development research emphasizes the importance of play-based learning for young children, the continued encouragement of active play throughout elementary school, and a diversified skill set for young athletes. Designed to support those findings, My First Sports offers comprehensive training materials and resources with specific goals for instructors so they can help children succeed at a developmentally appropriate pace.

My First Sports is Good Business
My First Sports allows facilities the opportunity to increase off-hours revenue and develop a larger customer base by offering a unique program that cultivates relationships with children and families and can be cross-sold to both current customers and new demographics.

My First Sports Licensing Provides:

Classes (ages 18 mos.+)
Aged-based classes draw upon activities that are already familiar to young children from home and introduce early sports and sports play, with a focus on a positive first sports experience. Children may begin the program at 18 months and continue until age nine. For elementary school children, aged-based classes focus on skill work and game play for recreational and experienced players.
• Adult/Child Multi Sports Classes are “sports sampler” classes in which young children try new activities with an adult’s help.
• Sport-Specific Classes focus on skill work and game play for individual sports like golf, T-Ball, baseball, rollerblading, roller hockey, or cheerleading,
• Team Time Classes focus on skill work and game play for team sports like soccer, flag football, basketball, or volleyball.

Leagues (ages 5+)
Designed for experienced players who want to further cultivate their skills, leagues give players the opportunity to play at the next level. Children are placed onto teams that allow for both practice and game play.

Camps (ages 3+)
Age-appropriate day camps give children ages three to nine the opportunity to try new activities and make new friends.
• School Closing Camps are offered during holiday breaks and dates when school is closed, throughout the school year.
• Summer Camps run for 9-12 weeks during the summer break.

Birthday Parties (ages 2+)
Birthday party packages for ages two and up offer a unique way to celebrate, with the added bonus of introducing young children to new sports.

Special Events (ages 18 mos.+)
Special events are a great way to develop new customers, increase off-hours revenue, and provide a valuable community service to families.
• Open Play allows parents, nannies, and playgroups to gather in a fun, safe setting.
• Parents’ Night Out gives parents a night out, while their children are entertained with activities such as kickball, soccer, crafts, and snacks.
• School/Organization Field Trips allow schools, day care centers, Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops, and other organizations to take a field trip to your facility.
• Homeschool Gym Classes are specific, age-appropriate classes targeted to homeschooled students that meet the needs of each family.

Marketing Materials
We’ll provide you with brochures and fliers for your customers that you can use to promote the My First Sports program at your site. We will assist you to conduct advertising campaigns, via direct mail and strategic ad placement in local publications, to drive customers to you. Open houses are a terrific way to attract new customers, and we will help you be a successful host. We will also guide you in the development of successful sales strategies, promotions, surveys, and cross-selling strategies.

Staffing Guidelines
We will leverage our expertise at hiring qualified staff people and managing them successfully to help you create a dedicated team of employees. We will guide you in the process of reviewing your employees and helping them incorporate feedback to improve their performance.
Over the past 14 years, we have become experts in the type of equipment you’ll need to launch a successful My First Sports program. We know what quantities you’ll need and can suggest preferred equipment and T-shirt vendors. We’ll also help you with your equipment budget.

When you license the My First Sports program for your site, we will provide you with two weeks of intense training at KEVA Sports Center in Middleton, WI; hands-on program work; and program guides for your entire staff.

We offer our partners ongoing support, including a two-day visit between two and four months of your program’s launch, two hours of support per month for the first six months, one hour of support per month after six months of the program’s launch, and an annual two-day training and check-in session.

We will help you set your own goals for program sales, program retention, and customer satisfaction, based on our experience running the My First Sports program.

Personnel Expertise
President Tracy Kruzicki holds a B.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in child psychology and has eleven years of experience managing youth sports programs for KEVA Sports Center. Tracy has trained countless My First Sports instructors and has developed a comprehensive suite of training materials and resources to help individual children gain confidence, athletic skills, and teamwork skills.

KEVA Sports Center CEO Eric Fritz built the 70,000-square-foot indoor KEVA Sports Center facility, one of the most popular spots for indoor athletics in Dane County, WI, in 1999. KEVA now hosts 100 adult volleyball teams and 72 adult soccer teams, making its outdoor offerings just as popular. Eric created and serves as President of Middleton United Soccer League, an organization that focuses on the recreational/semi-competitive child at competitive price points.
petra andersson-pardini
Working with Katie on this project was a sheer pleasure. She is very detail oriented, intelligent and above all, a fantastic writer. As a graphic designer/Art director I experienced a great collaboration working with Katie. Under tight deadlines, and multiple revisions with fast turnarounds, I was always met by optimism and great professionalism from her side. I am looking forward to working with her again, and with great pleasure I highly recommend Katie to any future employers.
Amy Slocum
Katie's work was well received and she was always on time with her projects. She is a delight to work with and is very creative in her thought processes. I would recommend her for any communications/public relations project.
Heather Schöll
Katie has been my go-to gal for writing since I started my business. She and I work together so well, and I truly value her intelligence, creativity, attention to detail, and positive attitude. She is always there to get the job done, and she is excellent at collaboration. I don't know what I would do without her.