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Clay Chaffin

Clay Chaffin

18 years
40 hrs/week
EVB (Freelance)
Content Strategist | Copywriter
SALT Branding (Freelance)
Brainchild Creative (contract)
Philosophy and Economics


Online Advertising
Traditional Advertising

none listed

Online Advertising + Websites
True story: even though this 30k interactive banner was mistakenly entered in the '100k+ Beyond the Banner' category in almost every Advertising Show you can think of, thus nixing her chances of winning, she did manage to be accepted into the New York Festival and receive a Commendation. Turn your sound on and click to see a few Mother’s Day gifts demonstrated by one special laaaaaaaaady.
Online Advertising + Traditional Advertising
Banners and offline work for Square.

Traditional Advertising
The ad on the left, 'Secretary,' and the one at far right, 'Relatives,' both won Silver Awards at the San Francisco Show. If you’ve never heard of the SF Show, that’s probably because it died after the dot-bomb wiped-out half of SF’s agencies. Today the SF ADDY Awards (nearly) fill those same shoes.
Agencies, brands and the marketing community wanted examples and thought-starters for creativity and innovation on Facebook. As content strategist and copywriter (contract), I helped Evolution Bureau create Facebook Studio, a place where you can share your work, get recognized for your creativity, be inspired by your peers, and browse some of the best marketing on Facebook.
Websites + Email Newsletters
As content strategist and copywriter on Bing (contract), I planned the Editorial Calendar and wrote newsletters and email that encouraged people to engage with the site.
Traditional Advertising + Sales Materials
You can read all the history books in the world, yet no matter how good they may be (and in U.S. K-12 schools they are often poor), there’s nothing like reading, viewing, and interpreting original historical sources (Primary Sources) for yourself. This campaign encouraged teachers to dig deeper into history by drawing on the vast archive of Primary Sources available free from The Smithsonian, to challenge their students to think rather than regurgitate, and to offer a far more exciting learning experience.
Regan Honda
Clay was a great mentor and partner. His direction and insights--not to mention his well-written copy--inspired me and the team to create some really engaging digital advertising for our client. He's the best!
Jon Patrick Clifton
I count Clay as not only an incredible creative person but also as a mentor and friend. He's a true champion of great ideas and will not settle for anything less (I've tried to get him to). His quick wit and passion for life, in and out of advertising, is very refreshing and enlightening in times of distress. Even while killing my ideas he is so endearing. Every agency needs a Clay Chaffin. But only one can eventually get him. Will it be yours?
Sari Hamman
Clay is a smart, thoughtful and passionate when it comes to his work. He pays attention to the details as well as the big picture. You can count of Clay to create smart and innovative work.
Daniel Varon
I worked with Clay on a number of projects at both AKQA and OgilvyOne. Working closely with him for a number of years, on some great accounts (Palm, Xbox, and Yahoo!). The great thing about Clay is his thirst for all that is creative and advertising in general. His willingness to teach, mentor, and be there for his people sets him apart from anyone I've worked with in the past. I have learned so much from Clay over the years and through this working relationship we’ve become great friends. That's the way Clay is. His enthusiasm is contagious, knowledge of the industry and experience is amazing, and his caring for his colleagues is genuine and extends beyond the time you work together. He's a rarity in this industry, and his creative presence is felt not only by his colleagues, but by every clients he works with. Clay is awesome.
Guy Reingold
Clay is a rarity in today's agencies - he's an offline ad guy who's at home in the digital world. He's a fantastic writer and a great teacher. He's a big picture person with original ideas. I've learned a lot from him and I'd recommend him without hesitation.
Keturah Alsworth
Clay’s ability as an ACD creative director at AKQA are acknowledged as his gifts as a copywriter. He is very talented and works on a holistic level while thinking about the product and refusing to compromise the approach laid forth. He spends a great deal of time thinking about the client needs as well as continuing to look for innovative ways to push the envelope in a funny “Clay” manner. I highly recommend him!
Stephanie Ornelas
I once asked Clay for advice while working on a client presentation. He gave me a short list of bullet points that included "Be the client." I printed the list and pinned it up in my cube. I still have the list and refer to it often. I've learned a lot from Clay.
John Dohrmann
Clay consistently pushed us to do more. He knew we were capable of good work.

His feedback almost always made us think about a problem in a new way, and more importantly, he was always willing to see things from his subordinates' perspectives.
Clark Tate
Clay is an amazing blend of boundless creative ideas, infectious humor and laser like branding focus. His standards as a creative director keep the bar set very high for those working in his group. He raises the abilities of others, stretching their parameters and balances it all with his affable nature.
Brian Grannan
I had the great pleasure of working with Clay on the Xbox account while at AKQA. He is excellent at leading creative teams and brings insight and business understanding together to produce great work. As a creative leader, he helps others see and understand big ideas.