Copywriter Central
Frequently Asked Questions

How are writers selected for Copywriter Central?
Through online research, we actively seek out writers with well developed portfolios to join the Copywriter Central network. Our hand-picked writers come from:
  • Exclusive agencies such as DDB, Ogilvy, Pereira & O'Dell, and Goodby, and Silverstein & Partners
  • International brands such as Sephora, Vera Wang, WalMart, Bank of America, Special K, Adidas, Lexus, and Toyota
  • Award-winning media outlets such as CNN, VentureBeat, DailyCandy, UrbanDaddy, Forbes, Maxim, and iVillage
  • Technology innovators such as Google, Apple, Square, Facebook, LinkedIn, Box, Yahoo, Salesforce, and Cisco

Additionally, writers reach out to us and apply online to join our network. To ensure these applicants meet Copywriter Central’s criteria, we carefully vet each writer who applies and accept only those with portfolios that demonstrate a rich body of experience.

All Copywriter Central writers operate as independent contractors and are hired on a project-by-project basis.

How are writers matched to projects?

We use a combination of proprietary technology and human advisors in California to ensure our clients are matched to the most relevant and experienced writers for each project’s unique requirements.

Writers are matched to projects in one of three ways:

  • A Copywriter Central advisor uses project details to research a handful of writers and recommends them to the client. Since we individually vet each writer in our network, we’re very familiar with their work, experience, and style.
  • A client browses writers’ portfolios and writing samples to identify candidates for the project. Our writers list their industry experience and showcase their work on-site so clients can easily discover them.
  • Writers check the project board and reach out to clients when they find a good fit. Clients can immediately communicate with writers to discuss details and terms.
Do you only offer copywriting services?
Years of experience collaborating with top ad agencies, international brands, acclaimed publications, and leading tech companies have shaped our writers into skilled marketing and content strategists as well as polished wordsmiths. Whether you’re undertaking a total website overhaul or need blogposts to cement your role as an industry thought leader, our writers bring relevant wisdom and a true way with words to your projects. If you’re looking for specific industry knowledge that you don’t see reflected in our filters or verticals, reach out and we’ll personally locate the right writer for your project.
How do payments work?

Clients can pay writers quickly and easily online with credit card. (If your business cannot pay via credit card, please, contact us at, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.) Writers set up a merchant account through Balanced, our payment service provider, to receive payments via direct deposit. Writers negotiate their fees on a per-project basis and include Copywriter Central’s 25% fee into the hourly rate they quote clients.

The payment process works like this:

  • After the client and writer reach an agreement to work together, the writer can begin work once the client has deposited funds into the project bank for an initial number of hours. This money is kept in an escrow account in the client's name until the client has approved the writer's work.
  • Once work is approved, the escrowed funds are released, the writer is paid, and the client may add more funds to the project bank to continue working with the writer.
  • This cycle continues until a project is complete.
How is tax paperwork handled?

Although tax calculations and payments are the sole responsibility of our clients and the writers they hire, we strive to make the paperwork as easy to manage as possible. As a convenience for our clients, Copywriter Central generates 1099-MISCs on their behalf for each writer who earns over $600 during a tax year. Our payments service provider, Balanced, will issue 1099-Ks to writers who earn over $20,000 and have over 200 transactions with clients over the course of a tax year.

Will I be satisfied with the results?

Our business depends on your satisfaction. We use our customers' feedback to curate our network of writers. This way clients hire only writers with reputations for performance and professionalism.

Additionally, we offer tools for online communications between writers and clients, as well as hands-on support to assist with matching writers and clients and troubleshooting any issues that arise along the way.

Finally, since clients have the authority to approve or reject their writer's hourly time logs, we encourage writers to log hours frequently so that work stops the moment any concerns come up.

What is the agreement between clients and writers?

We provide a standard Service Agreement for clients and writers' convenience. If you have additional needs and terms not referenced in the standard Service Agreement, please, discuss these issues with your writer before making a formal work offer to ensure that you're both on the same page about your project requirements.

How much do writers charge?

Rates vary based on writers' experience and expertise. Hourly rates start at $50/hour for very standard writing projects and go up to $300/hour for our most accomplished and seasoned writers’ time. Copywriter Central takes a 25% fee from each transaction to continue maintaining and improving on the convenience we provide to both clients and writers.