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Copywriter Central helps businesses and organizations find and hire top freelance writers. We match writers to the projects for which they’re best suited, and also facilitate online project tracking and payments.

Incubated at the Google Ventures Startup Lab and First Floor Labs at AOL in Palo Alto, CA.
About Copywriter Central
It’s always been tough to find, hire, and work with proven freelance writers. And it’s been equally tough for those writers to find new clients while supporting existing clients. Copywriter Central was born to ease the burden on both sides of the equation: Clients can locate and work with top-notch writers, all in one place—and writers can easily connect with clients who are seeking the skills they’ve honed.

Our hand-picked writers have a wide range of experience and impressive portfolios. We give them a streamlined way to find and work with clients, while ensuring timely payment for completed work. Clients appreciate our payment system as well: Funds are only released to the writer after the client approves the work completed to date.

Our writers earn a fair fee based on their experience and the quality of their work; our clients benefit from that experience, both in writing quality and the seasoning that comes with doing great work for great clients, time after time.
Our Story
Copywriter Central was founded and launched by Samantha Quist, a former Google marketing manager, in 2013. In 2014, the company was acquired by Wordsmithie Inc., Silicon Valley’s largest content agency (which, coincidentally, was founded by another Googler, Laura Bergheim, in 2010). Wordsmithie’s client list includes Google, Facebook, Twitter, Quantcast, Eventbrite, and an array of other companies large and small, including a growing number of startups. Wordsmithie also has a growing design team, as well as offices in Singapore and Madrid to serve its international clients.
Copywriter Central Wordsmithie
The two brands have come together to form a creative family that covers the spectrum of client needs, from full-service (Wordsmithie) to self-service (Copywriter Central). This unique hybrid agency model means that clients now have access to a growing range of services and resources to help them find their voice and reach their audiences through powerful, memorable communications.

We are passionate about re-inventing how writers and clients collaborate and thrive. Watch what happens!

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