Copywriter Central
Frequently Asked Questions

How are writers selected?
Our hand-picked writers network is carefully curated. They come from:
  • Exclusive agencies like DDB, Ogilvy, Pereira & O'Dell, Goodby, and Silverstein & Partners
  • International brands like Sephora, Vera Wang, WalMart, Bank of America, Special K, Adidas, Lexus, and Toyota
  • Award-winning publications like CNN, VentureBeat, DailyCandy, UrbanDaddy, Forbes, Maxim, and iVillage
  • Technology innovators like Google, Apple, Square, Facebook, LinkedIn, Box, Yahoo, Salesforce, and Cisco
How are writers matched to projects?
We use a combination of proprietary algorithms and human advisors in California to ensure our clients are matched to the most relevant and experienced writing consultants for each unique project’s requirements.
Do you only offer copywriting services?
All of our writers write... and many of them do much more. Many of our writing consultants are also public relations experts, marketing and communications professionals, technical gurus, marketing rockstars, advertising geniuses, and even scientists. When you post your project request to our website, let us know what expertise you need.
How do payments work?
Clients can pay quickly and easily online via credit card. When a project is about to begin, we request an upfront payment. Then our writers may request incremental online payments throughout the duration of the project. While work is being completed, your payment is held in escrow; once you approve the completed work, the payment transfers to your consultant’s account. (If your business cannot pay via credit card, please contact us at and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.)
Consultants receive payments from clients directly to their bank accounts by entering their bank routing information. They can log their hours worked at any time during a project’s lifecycle and request additional prepayments from clients at their discretion. While work is being completed, clients’ prepayments are held in escrow for release to writers' only when a phase of the project is completed and approved.
How is tax paperwork handled?
Although tax calculation and payment is the sole responsibility of our clients and the independent consultants they hire, we strive to make the paperwork as easy as possible to manage. As a convenience for our clients, we generate 1099-MISCs on our clients’ behalf for each of their independent consultants that earned over $600 for each tax year. Our payments service provider, Balanced, states that they will issue 1099-Ks to independent consultants who earn over $20,000 and have over 200 transactions with clients in a tax year.
Will I be satisfied with the results?
Our business depends on it. We take our clients' private reviews of their experiences with their writing consultants very seriously to ensure you'll only be considering writing who have performed well in the past. We also offer a suite of tools to ensure close communication between clients and consultants, such as a chat dialogue on each project page so our clients and their consultants can exchange notes. Finally, since clients have the authority to approve or reject each of their consultants’ hourly timelogs, we encourage our consultants to log hours frequently so that work will stop the moment any concerns come up.
What is the agreement between clients and writing consultants?
We provide a standard Service Agreement for your convenience. Clients can modify, add to, or replace this agreement when they issue a work request to a writing consultant.
How much do your writing consultants cost?
Our consultants’ pricing varies dramatically based on their unique experience and expertise. Hourly rates start at $50/hour for very standard writing projects and go up to $300/hour and more for our most accomplished and experienced consultants’ time. Copywriter Central takes a small cut of each transaction, which is included in the prices listed above and on writers' portfolio pages. Writers should include Copywriter Central's fee in the total price quoted to clients when they accept projects, as well.